Time Management Tips

You’ve probably already tried some time management tips. How have they worked for you?

What is time management really, other than you feeling in control. You may often think you don’t have enough time or that there isn’t enough time to do all that you need to do.  It’s a myth.

We each have the same amount of time every day: 24 hours. It’s how we see that time and how we use it in the most productive way that’s the key.

time management tipsWhat happens when you think you don’t have enough time?

It’s amazing how our thinking or thoughts can create a lot of stress in our life. What we think does have an impact, often negative on our ability to be productive.  You may want to argue with me on this, and that’s okay.

Let me share some real-life examples of how thinking impacts my ability to be productive.

When you think “I don’t have enough time” you panic.  Do you notice that?  You try and cram as many things as possible into the time you have and ultimately you don’t get much done at all. Things tend to be half done, rather than done well.  There may be times that you notice yourself starting something and moving to something else, quickly. As I said, you aren’t productive.

The thought “There aren’t enough hours in the day” has you feeling defeated. You may look at the list of tasks you have and think that it’s not possible to achieve them all.  Hence the feeling of defeat.

Why your thinking impacts your productivity

Thinking these thoughts impacts your productivity because you are in the future.  You are imagining a time when you run out of time, or doing get everything done. Because you are thinking this way, you are unable to focus on what you are doing, right there and then.

That’s why you aren’t productive when you have these thoughts.  Your focus shifts to the future where you can’t know what is going to happen.  Sound to ‘woo-woo’ for you?  Stop and notice how you do react when these things are running around in your head, then come back and tell me what I’ve written here isn’t true.

What’s feeling in control really about?

Now let’s look at this concept of ‘feeling in control.’  What is it that you think you are in control of exactly?  I’m here to tell you that what you think you need to be in control of, is not what’s impacting your time management.

If you reread what I’ve said above about thinking specific thoughts you will notice there are emotions attached to each of those statements. I specifically called out panic and defeated. Two emotions.

When we don’t feel in control, what we aren’t in control of are our emotions and our emotional reactions.  That’s what get’s scary.  That our emotions will spiral out of our control.  The place where we don’t think we can handle what’s happening, emotionally.

Test the theory

Again if you don’t believe me, test my theory out for yourself.

Notice when you have those thoughts and what’s happening in your body at that time.  Pay close attention to what you are feeling. You may be surprised to connect what you are thinking with what you are feeling emotionally in that moment.

I’ve personally tested the theory and found that when I’m emotional I can’t possibly manage my time in the best possible way to be at my most productive.  It’s just not possible.

Here are some more time management tips to have you more productive and feeling in control of your project.

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