Track Project Assumptions To Succeed

If you track project assumptions you are more likely to succeed. Have you stopped to consider the value of assumptions to your project?  They may not have been something that you seriously consider. And yet, there is value in taking them seriously. The assumptions that people make can either support success or create problems for … Read moreTrack Project Assumptions To Succeed

How to write good Business Case content

Most people don’t understand how to write good business case content.  Over my working life I have seen some documents which really don’t contain any of the information needed in order to make a decision, which is ultimately what a business case is about.  The business has a business decision to make. Make that decision … Read moreHow to write good Business Case content

5 people who shouldn’t write a business case

shouldn't write a business case

Ever been in a meeting and watched someone have a profound realisation? His realisation was that the reason his sectors projects fail is because the wrong people are writing the business cases.  I could easily identify from my own experience of five people who shouldn’t write a business case. This also got me thinking about this very issue of who is the best person to write the business case?

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