You don’t need a project schedule

A Project schedule is a tracking tool. Project schedules also create a sense of security for your project sponsor and Project Control Board (PCB).  That is their purpose.

They are a simple tracking tool only and of no real value.  Therefore there is no real need to have one.  You can track how things are going making an estimate and report this to your PCB and sponsor.

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Why undertake Project Health Checks?

project health checks

Use Prince2’s Project Health Check Question List to undertake a quality Health Check.  It doesn’t discuss the right time to undertake the check though.

In my opinion the right time to undertake a Project Health Check will depend on the size of your project. Another key factor will be the maturity level of your organisations project management processes.

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The value of exception reporting

In this week’s Project Management Insights episode I talk to you about the value of exception reporting. I explain what it is and why it is valuable. In order to use exception reporting on your project, you need to have the trust of your Executives, your Project Sponsor or Owner and the Project Control Board. When … Read more The value of exception reporting