Track Project Assumptions To Succeed

If you track project assumptions you are more likely to succeed. Have you stopped to consider the value of assumptions to your project?  They may not have been something that you seriously consider. And yet, there is value in taking them seriously. The assumptions that people make can either support success or create problems for … Read moreTrack Project Assumptions To Succeed

You don’t need a project schedule

A Project schedule is a tracking tool. Project schedules also create a sense of security for your project sponsor and Project Control Board (PCB).  That is their purpose.

They are a simple tracking tool only and of no real value.  Therefore there is no real need to have one.  You can track how things are going making an estimate and report this to your PCB and sponsor.

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5 Killer Mistakes Project Managers Make

In his article 5 Killer Mistakes Project Managers Make’ I love the approach that the author Duncan Haughey has taken. In reading the article there were some key things that stood out for me and resonated with my approach to project management. Let me tell you what they are.

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Project headed for disaster?

project headed for disaster

I want to take a different perspective on one persons perspective of a project headed for disaster.

An article titled ‘7 signs your project is headed for disaster’ specifically discusses ICT project failure and I was interested in the way that it looked at each of the seven signs.

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Project failure is relative to PM skill level

I want to suggest that project failure is relative to PM skill level.  Of the research that I have looked at project failure can generally be categorised under a set of key areas.  If you identify with any of these triggers then I suggest to strongly consider your skill levels.

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