Who should write business requirements?

write business requirements

You believe you need a system to solve all of your problems. Vendors should not write the business requirements. Why? They don’t know the business, like the business.

In a perfect world the business would first document their business requirements.  And, in a not so perfect world .. a software vendor will suggest that they develop them for you.  WRONG APPROACH.

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What’s the value of business requirements?

 Never underestimate the value of documenting business requirements. All too often I have seen projects which were clearly on the road to failure, even before they formally started.  Why?  Because they didn’t have fully defined and documented business requirements. Most people would say “But we understand the scope, and we’ve set a budget and timeline, … Read more What’s the value of business requirements?

5 tips for writing detailed business requirements

Detailed business requirements are as valuable as a well written business case. I say this because detailed business requirements provide clarity, just as a well written business case does.

What therefore does it take to create detailed business requirements?  Here are my top five tips:

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How to Gather Business Requirements

Do you understand how to gather business requirements or the need to? A Business Requirements Specification (BRS) or Business Requirements Document (BRD) is a key document that should form part of any project document suite.  You should have Business Requirements produced as one of the first documents in a project.  Consider that the business requirements … Read more How to Gather Business Requirements