What’s the value of business requirements?

value of business requirements

 Never underestimate the value of  documenting business requirements.
All too often I have seen projects which were clearly on the road to failure, even before they formally started.  Why?  Because they didn’t have fully defined and documented business requirements.

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How to gather business requirements

Do you understand how to gather business requirements or the need to?

A Business Requirements Specification (BRS) or Business Requirements Document (BRD) is a key document that should form part of any project document suite.  It is actually one of the first documents that should be produced.  Possibly after the Business Case to get the project started, but certainly before any work actually starts on the project.

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How to capture detailed business requirements

capture business requirements

For successful project delivery you need to capture detailed business requirements.  Here’s a How To guide for doing that.

Remember to start with high level requirements. You’ll find information on that process in the post on How to capture business requirements . Capturing these requirements get you thinking about your business process and how it works, or doesn’t work.

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