Stop Focusing On Budget, Timelines and Scope

You are spending too much time focusing on Budget, Scope and Timeline when the key to delivering a successful project is focusing on the people. That’s why I’m coining a new phrase ‘People Focused Project Management’.

Project Methodologies Have It All Wrong

Undertaking your Project Management Certification the key is to focus on budget, scope and timeline.  You are told that getting these three right is the key to the successful delivery of a project.

If that’s the case then why do so many projects fail?

My view is that the focus is in the wrong place.

It is people that deliver projects. People working together to perform tasks that make a change.  That’s what projects and project management are about.

Manage the people well and the project will succeed.

What Is Project Scope?

The scope is nothing more than the boundary for all project tasks.

It should explain to the people working on the project what they need to do and don’t need to do.  If the scope is clear, then when they are completing tasks, it will be easy to say if that task is ‘in scope’ or ‘out of scope.’

Therefore the scope is there for the team members, the people, to know what to do and not to do, each and every day they work on a project.

No scope, no clear definition or boundary, confusion for the project team, ultimately leading to project failure.

Timelines Shouldn’t Be the Primary Focus

Too much focus on the timelines puts a lot of pressure on a project team.  People don’t need that added pressure in an already pressurized environment.

The key to getting on-time delivery is to keep asking the team members “what can I do to help you today, to make your job easier” and do that.  If you, the Project Manager focus on this, then tasks will be completed in a more timely manner.

No doubt about it.

Focusing on what isn’t complete, won’t get what’s needed, done.

The Budget Should Be The Least of Your Worries

Yes, I know that project budgets are limited. And yet I found that if I treated my team right, they would go the extra mile, work extra hard and it would cost me less.

If all I focused on was the budget, the cost and how much the team was costing me, I lost sight of what they were doing.

Praise your team. Show your appreciation for each and every little piece of work they complete.  Be sincere. This is what will mean that your budget doesn’t blow out.

This will allow you to have what needs to be delivered, and more in on time.

So, stop focusing on budget and focus on each individual team member.

People First, All the Way

Focus on the people working with you on the project.  Make them your key priority. You will receive more respect, trust and valuable output from them, as individuals than you ever thought possible.

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