Resources to help you be a better Project Manager

For this post I  bring you useful resources that I have found today.  Each article has great insights that may help you be a better Project Manager.  They may help you answer some questions or fill a knowledge gap that you have. They are an interesting mix of articles.  I have chosen them because each one provides some useful information that I would like to have had in my early days as a PM.

1. Why Showing Appreciation To Your Team Makes A Difference And 5 Ways To Do It by Bruce Harpham  –  This article looks at what appreciation is and provides you with 5 times to show appreciation on a project.  It also discusses 5 ways to communicate appreciation.

I like the idea of showing appreciation to a team member who is expressing a dissenting viewpoint.  If I am able to do that it shows me that I am really listening and open to what others are saying, even if it’s something that either I or other team members don’t agree with.


2. How to Bring Value as a Project Manager by the team at  – This article looks at the three things you can do to bring value; Clarity, Focus, Closure

I also like the 10 ways to help your team:

* Ask yourself as a project manager what you are doing to increase value.

* Remove confusion and ambiguity from your teams and projects.

* Maintain uninterrupted time each day for your team to work on the project.

* Create the conditions that allow everyone to focus on the task at hand.

* Don’t leave questions unanswered.

* Make sure everyone is clear on what needs to be done.

* Free team up from unnecessary meetings, but keep them looped.

* View the project as if you were outside it.  What questions would you have?

* Check in with everyone to see what they need or if they are blocked.

* Make sure projects get closed out in a timely manner.


3. Taking Responsibility for a Sinking Project by Mark Phillips – provides you with four ways to take responsibility for your sinking project

The author of this article says “The sooner you evaluate your options and make the arduous decision to change course or terminate it [the project] will determine your ultimate success as a prject manager.”  This is a great tip.


4. Five Steps before estimating work by the team at Method123 – provides you with the five things to do to ensure that your estimating will be accurate.

I love the point here that discusses the importance of determining who should be involved in the estimating process.  This is a great tip when you are putting together your initial business case.


5. What Teams Need But Won’t Ask  by Bart Gerardi – provides some great insights into the importance of bringing your team along for the journey of delivery. It’s not just about the stakeholders and project owner.


6. Can you relate?  by Andy Jordan – looks at how you might need to adapt your way of working to fit with teams or team members that have different ways of working to you.


7. The Gift of Visibility  by Andy Jordan – looks at how you can turn the team into supporters even when they feel that the organisation isn’t behind the project they are working on.


8. Why knowing yourself is essential to leadership  by Bruce Harpham – this article discusses four methods leaders can use to better understand themselves.


9. 7 Habits of highly effective meetings  by Bruce Harpham – lists his top seven tips for having effective meetings.


10. Why we fail to change  by Pawel Brodzinski – looks at some different perspectives on change management


11. It’s easy to give the good news  by Brad Egeland – provides advice and tips on how to prepare to deliver bad news about your project


12. Project sponsors how good are you at briefing your Project Managers  by Ron Rosenhead – talks about the problems sponsors have with briefing people.


I hope you found at least one of these articles useful.