How to Efficiently Manage Small Projects

How to Efficiently Manage Small Projects

Are you someone who manages small projects, or large task lists?

Do you want to be more effective at your production workload?

Would you like to be efficient at working through the tasks that you have to manage?

This ‘How to Efficiently Manage Small Projects’ training is for you if:

  • you want to get your task lists under control and make life easier
  • there are times when working with a client is difficult because of the shifts and changes that occur with their requirements
  • you take more time to complete a task than you thought you would
  • juggling lots of tasks and work output is draining your life
  • money is being eaten up in the extra time you take to complete tasks

What it’s about

In this training I walk you through some of the basic project management skills and how they work with what you do.

We explore things such as:

  • Deliverables
  • Issues management
  • Dependencies
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Risk management

Each module touches on these specific areas providing you with tips and trick and sometimes templates to make your job easier.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn the basic principles that surround each of these topic areas and why they are important for your project.

At the end of the training you will walk away with a memory jogger to help you tap into what you’ve learned and be able to use it in your every day work.

You’ll have a set of skills that you can put in place immediately upon completion of the training.

You also have access to some simple templates that could streamline your work and what you do.

And you’ll be provided with a:

  • Project Agreement Template
  • Project Plan Worksheet (in Excel)
  • Tips For Managing Your Time Memory Jogger
  • Discussion & Action Template
  • Problem Management Flow
  • Stress Busting Tip Sheet

Why it’s been developed

Project Management training is something usually undertaken by those people with the title of ‘Project Manager.’ And yet, the skills that are learnt make good common sense, when you understand them.  They are tools that can help anyone who manages task loads, in order to deliver an outcome for a client.

The tips and tricks that you learn in this training will support you in making your job easier and ensure that your relationships with both your client and other colleagues are stronger.

I’ve spent many years managing these small projects myself. I learnt from the ground up what it’s like to be a ‘Project Manager.’  The formal training that I have, and my experience as a hands on Project Manager, allow me to understand your ways of working at the same time sharing with you my knowledge and expertise as a ‘Project Manager.’

How is this training available?

This training is available to you, online so you can access it anytime you wish.

There are six modules to work through.  Each module contains a video presentation, or an audio file if you prefer listening rather than watching,

Additional support material in the form of downloadable templates and resources are accessible as you work through each module.