Ending a Project : The Five Things To Do

Here are the key things that you should consider doing when you are ending a project.

Ending a Project

You might think that ending a project happens when you deliver what’s required and the team moves off the project.

Handover to BAU

Make sure that you have successfully handed the project into Business As Usual (BAU).

There are a number of key things to consider in ensuring a successful handover to BAU and I’ve listed them so it forms a checklist for you to mark off.

And if you are a Project Manager who prefers to ‘Dump and Run’ then you might learn that this does nothing for your reputation.

There is an education piece that’s required at the start of a project too. Ensure your Business Owner and Senior Executives fully understand the consequences of no handover to BAU.

Ending a project should always involve successful handover to BAU>

Support Model

A Support Model is key for a handover of an IT system.

You may think you have provided a satisfactory support model and not realise that it isn’t really supporting the business the way that it should.

The key piece of a solid support model is ensuring the staff providing ongoing support are upskilled enough. Make sure you check if they have the right level of skills to provide the right level of support to the business.

Putting a viable support model in place should always be part of ending a project.

Capture Lessons Learned

At the end of any project, there is value in capturing lessons learned. These provided a basis and reminder for you next time you manage a project.

Lessons learned also provide key areas for improvement within the broader business or organization. When lessons learned aren’t capture the same mistakes are likely to occur on a regular basis in project management delivery.

Hold a Post Implementation Review (PIR)

A PIR or Post Implementation Review can be a valuable meeting to list what worked and didn’t work on your project.

If you are looking for information on how to run a Post Implementation Review this post will help.

Some people see project PIRs as a waste of time because the information from them is not utilized. If you take the information captured from a PIR and combine it with the Lessons Learned you have a valuable resource for future projects.

Set Up Benefits Tracking

Make the businesses job easy. Set up a process for them to track the benefits called out in the Business Case.

Often there are benefits that weren’t thought of when the business case was written.

Sometimes the business thinks it’s not worth tracking benefits and yet they don’t stop materializing once the project stops.