Training Courses

Looking for Project Management Training Courses to fill gaps in your knowledge?

The courses here are developed to support areas in your project management that may be causing problems for you.

My aim is to fill gaps that you might have, to support you in working more effectively.

Here is the list of currently available training:

project management training

BAU versus Project Work Short Course

Confused about what BAU and Project work are?  Not sure if what you are managing, or doing is Business As Usual or project work?  This short course will fill that gap in explaining to you the difference between these two.

How To Manage Different Personality Types

We’ve all worked with different personality types. Some are easier to get along with than others. Whilst some are really hard to manage.  In this short course, I teach you how to work with four different personality types. You’ll learn why they are the way they are, and how to get the best from them.

How To Efficiently Manage Small Projects

Do you manage work orders, or are a solopreneur with no formal project management training that delivers things for clients?  This training is for you. It gives you some practical material, including templates and checklists, in order to more effectively manage to work with clients on their projects.

Check back often as more available courses are being added weekly.


How To Run Effective Meetings

How To Manage Your Project Sponsor

7 Steps To Successful Project Delivery

How To Identify and Manage Your Project Stakeholders


All of the Project Management Training I offer is available HERE