5 Ways to get team members on side

Having team members working against you isn’t productive.

Here are five ways to get them back working WITH the team and you, rather than against you.

4 Steps to get your project schedule back on track

Is your project schedule off track?

If your project is not on schedule then you need to go back and understand where it went off track, in order to understand WHY it went off track.  

Here are four simple steps to gain focus and input from your project team in order to bring your schedule back on track.

Be sure to note how important it is to involve the team in this process.

Why being focused is not valuable

Let’s talk about the negative side of being too focused; how it impacts on the team, you and the project as a whole.

How to ask questions that elicit a response

Today we look at one of the 7 Skills of a Strong Leader – How to ask.  

The key is to ask the right sort of questions based on the response that you are looking for.  

In this episode, I explain about open and closed questions.  I also provide you with some questions to ask to gain insights from your team members.  

Remember to listen and notice the response that you receive.  It is all about perception.

7 Skills of a strong leader

In this episode, we look at seven skills that demonstrate you are a strong leader.  

How are you at each of these seven skills?
* Asking questions.
* Listening.
* Wanting to know.  
* Wanting to learn.  
* Being open to change and different ways of doing things.  
* Clarity in your communication.  
* Treating others as humans with an intelligent mind. 

Over the coming weeks, I will be diving into each of these skills in more detail. 

Why testing on an IT project is all about YOUR reputation

Are you managing an IT project?

Do you consider testing nothing but a nuisance task that needs to be shortcut?

Think again!

This week I explain why testing is ALL about YOUR reputation.

7 Ways to engage a Project Sponsor

Are you having trouble engaging your Project Sponsor in your project? 

Here are seven ways that you can get them on board and work with you.  

These ways allow you to create a strong partnership with your Sponsor so they are there for you when you need them.

3 Reasons why people don’t act

“When people are in a group, responsibility for acting is diffused” – A quote from the book Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

This is what has me dive into today’s episode; noticing three reasons I see why people don’t want to act or take responsibility for an item on the project.

I’ll walk you through those three reasons as well as my three tips for how to get them to act.

Busting the myth – You need to be in control of everything

So you think you need to be in control of EVERYTHING?

What a myth.  That’s not what Project Managing is all about.

Let’s break open this myth and let’s talk about what it’s really like to manage a project and lead the team.  We explore ‘managing’ versus ‘being in control.’

Don’t let your issues become risks

How often have you ignored issues on your project and had them turn into risks?

In this episode, we look at what an issue is and why it’s of value to track and investigate it BEFORE it becomes a risk and derails your project.

It is also of value to have your team members support you in managing issue resolution.  You don’t need to do it all on your own.