How’s your schedule?

In this episode, we look at your project schedule.  Have you set it up with phases and milestones, time for downtime?  Are you monitoring your schedule so that it is easy to see where you need additional resources, or which teams are struggling to deliver?

Do you have enough milestones so that the team feels appreciated?

How’s your own schedule?  Do you monitor your emails in the best and easiest way for traceability?

How to work with issues

What do you think of issues?  Do you love them or hate them?  

In this podcast episode, I share with you how to love them and work with them to have a successful project.  

Listen to my tips for getting a resolution for them, by including the whole project team.

Let’s get raw about risk management

In this Project Management Insights episode, I have an open discussion with you about risks and the importance of calling them out and managing your mitigation strategies.

Too often we are scared of risks and don’t address them.

Let’s make them a welcome part of our project delivery.

What, No Business Case?

What do you do when you get given a project to manage and there is no Business Case?  

Here are some key questions to ask so you can develop a light business case.  

This will help set up some scope and benefits tracking.  A must for you to ensure that you are delivering on exactly what the business is looking for.

Team Tactics #1

Here is the first in a series on Team Tactics.

Let’s look at a way to create more team cohesion where there is a mix of external and internal team members who aren’t getting along.

These Team Tactics tips will give you some real ideas to implement to support better teamwork.

Time Management Tips #1

How are you at time management?  

Here are some tips to have you more productive and feeling in control of your project. 

Ways to fix your resourcing problems

Do you have a problem with your project resourcing?  

Here are some tips that I have used myself to successfully gain the resources I needed to deliver my project.

Is your vendor overspending?

Do you have the monitoring and tracking in place to ensure that your vendor isn’t overspending?

Let’s talk how to manage external vendors so that they don’t overspend.  

How do you manage it if you find out they are?

How solid is your scope?

Let’s look at a way to describe the Scope of your project.  In this episode I explain the acronym SCOPE for you:

S = Succinct

C = Contained

O = Outcome Specific

P = Purpose Driven

E = Easy to Understand

7 ways to really upset someone on your team

Want to know the top seven ways to really upset someone on your team?  Here they are.  

It’s an interesting list, given that a lot of the time we do these things unconsciously and yet it always causes team disruption.

Turnaround this habit of upsetting people and you will have a strong cohesive team.