Project Management Insights Podcast

The Project Management Insights Podcast contains tips in different topic areas of interest to you as a Project Manager. For example team dynamics, project management skills, change managements value in project management, and conflict management in teams.  The Podcast is provided to support you to strengthen your skills in key areas of project leadership.

The tips are effective for beginners, and new project managers, as well as those seasoned and looking for ways to improve and strengthen their skills.

My aim in providing the information in this audio format is to make it easier for you to take in the information during your commute times travelling to and from work.

These Project Management Tips will help to make your project successful.

What are the core skills you are missing as a PM?

In this audio I talk about doing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis of your skills to understand what you are missing in your skill set as a Project Manager.  I talk about the opportunities there might be to gain those key skills and how to mitigate against the skills that threaten your ability to deliver. The Resource Pack contains a SWOT template to complete your skills analysis as well as a list of online training resources for key areas.

Tips for collaborating with your project team

In this audio I talk about the different way that people take in information and how you might better understand this, in order to have better collaboration amongst team members.  Download the resource pack for this episode which contains the Team Learning Styles Map for you to understand the learning styles within your team.

Why change management is important for your project success

In this audio I discuss change management and why it is an important factor for your project success. Included in the Podcast episode are a list of resources to help you gain knowledge on what change management is and why it is important to the outcome of your project.  Download the eBook ‘How to set your project team up for success’ which is created using the ADKAR model.

The value of exception reporting

In this audio I talk to you about exception reporting; what it is and why it is valuable.  In order to have exception reporting on your project you need to have the trust of your Executives, your Project Sponsor or Owner and the Project Control Board.  When you have that, exception reporting makes your life and relationships easier.


Winning with your project sponsor

Have you considered how you can strengthen your relationship with your Project Sponsor?  In this episode I offer you ways to go about gaining valuable understanding of your sponsor and what works for them.  It’s all about setting up a win/win situation so that they get what they need, and you get what you need.  They get to trust you and know that you are capable and able to do your job, and you get the ability to do that, your job, without interference.

Tips for making risk management easy

In this audio I talk to you about ways to make risk management easy.  Too often it is seen as a task that is only the responsibility of  the PM.  Why not get everyone involved? Why not have them feel that it is an important part of their role working on the project?

Why conflict on a project team is great

In this audio I explain why conflict on a project team is great.  I talk about what it means when there is conflict, which it is a positive thingto have, and not the negative thing that it is usually seen as.  I also talk about how it benefits everyone on the team to have conflict.  You might also like to read my recent post ‘5 steps to managing conflict.’

The importance of project foundations

What do I mean by the importance of project foundations? In this audio I explain what the foundations of a good project are and why they are necessary. I explain the pieces of the necessary foundation.