Project Management Insights Podcast

The Project Management Insights Podcast is published weekly.

It contains tips on different topic areas of interest to you as a Project Manager.

In each podcast, I share my own insights and things that have worked well for me. This includes insights and information on improving your people management, and communication skills.

I also share with you additional material and insights that I have gained during my years of working in Change Management.

A lot of the tips included in each Project Management Insights podcast episode are easy for you to implement yourself.

Episodes focus on leadership so that you gain insights and ideas on how to strengthen your project leadership abilities. This topics include managing difficulties with your team, what clear and open communication looks like and more.

I also focus on the technical side of being a Project Manager such as risk and issues management and why you need a strong business case as your foundation.

Lastly I discuss strategic and business management items to help you gain skills in these areas too.

The tips are effective for new project managers, as well as those seasoned and looking for ways to improve and strengthen their skill sets.

My aim in providing the information via the Project Management Insights Podcast is to make it easier for you to take in the information during your commute times travelling to and from work. I know that you’re busy doing your job as a Project Manager.

These Project Management Tips will help to make you and your project more successful.

project management insights podcast

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