These Project Management courses have been developed to support you to strengthen your leadership and relationship building skills.

Modules will be added based on areas that we understand to be problematic with you the PM.  Feel free to contact me to suggest areas that you want to learn more about.

The material in the courses is delivered as videos, audios, pdf documents and online documents.  Depending on the course.

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Dealing with Difficult Team Members Course

This six-module audio course helps you to learn to deal with

  • passive aggressive team members
  • naysayers or blockers,
  • control freaks, and
  • needy types.

The training contains material to help you understand why people act or react in that specific way, as well as helpful tips and advice on how to manage each different personality type to engage them and get the best from them.

This course contains:

  • Audio files
  • Downloadable pdf documents and workbooks

It is delivered via email over a five-week period.