Project Management Coaching

Why would you hire a Project Management Coach?

You might be new to Project Management and want some help with understanding what you learned in your formal training, or what you are trying to do on the job, without any training.

As a veteran Project Manager there might be constant difficulties that present themselves with the people side of managing a project and you want to learn some new ways of operating, to make your life easier.

You may begin to think that your project is going off the rails and you want support to get it back on track.

All of these are some of many reasons WHY you would hire a project management coach.

By engaging in project management coaching you are supported to strengthen and develop your skills.

Working with a coach supports you during situations that you are finding very stressful,  or that are hindering your ability to do your job, so  you are more able to perform your best in your role.

We will work in a confidential way, to discover the cause of any tension or problem you have.  You will be supported in trying out new ideas, or ways of working, and providing feedback on what worked and didn’t so that we can mutually find a great outcome for you.

Your success as a Project Manager comes down to how well you manage relationships.

What does working with a Project Management Coach involve?

It involves us arranging a mutually suitable time for us to get together via phone, Zoom or Skype.

We talk through the current pressing issue that you have.

You do not need to bring anything to the session.

If you want to consider the key things you want to discuss you might choose to write a dot point list and have it handy.

We spend an hour talking, working through what you have to investigate.  You can email me between sessions, to provide feedback.

I also provide crisis management sessions, where we can meet to discuss crisis that you have so that you feel supported during those times of extreme stress.

Our sessions can be regular, for example weekly, or monthly, or as one-off.

The All Inclusive Coaching Package

This package includes:

12 1:1 coaching sessions (one hour a week for 12 weeks)  (Valued at $1,800)
A copy of the ‘Write a Strong Business Case eBook (valued at $8.99)
Access to ‘Managing Difficult Personality Types’ training (valued at $197) – a six module course.
Access to either ‘7 Steps to Successful Project Delivery’ or ‘How to Efficiently Manage Small Projects’ which include tips, tricks and templates or guides to make your job easier. (valued at $997) – You decide which one of these courses would be more applicable for your job.
+ 12 weeks of Communication Tips and Tricks delivered to your inbox weekly. (Valued at $327) (FREE)
The total cost for all of this is $2750.

Payment terms are available.

BOOK A FREE 40 MINUTE STRATEGY CALL to talk through your particular project and how this coaching will support you specifically.