Project Management Coaching

project management coaching

What is Project Management Coaching?

Project Management coaching is a way for you to work one-on-one with an experienced Project Manager who has skills not only in project management,  that can help you to:

  • understand an issue that you are experiencing and work it through, with you, in a methodical manner
  • be heard by someone who is impartial to what is happening on your project
  • explore options for how to respond to trying situations within the team
  • consider how your strengths are playing out and what you might do to manage your weaknesses.

Why engage a Project Management Coach?

By engaging in project management coaching you are supported to strengthen and develop you skills.  You are supported during situations that you are finding very stressful, that are hindering your ability to do your job, so that you are more able to perform your best in your role.

We will work in a confidential way, to discover the cause of any tension or problem you have.  You will be supported in trying out new ideas, or ways of working, and providing feedback on what worked and didn’t so that we can mutually find a great outcome for you.

What does working with a Project Management Coach involve?

It involves us arranging a mutually suitable time for us to get together either in-person, via phone or Skype.  We will talk through the pressing issue that you have.  You do not need to bring anything to the session.  If you want to consider the key things you want to discuss you might choose to write a dot point list.

If you are a new PM and want advice on ways to manage common items that present themselves, then I will share with you my experiences of what has worked and not worked.

We spend an hour talking, working through what you have to investigate.  You can email me between sessions, to provide feedback.

I also provide crisis management sessions, where we can meet to discuss crisis that you have so that you feel supported during those times of extreme stress.

Our sessions can be regular, for example weekly, or monthly, or as one-off.

What packages are available?

I offer individual sessions of 1 hour – $150

4 weekly sessions of 1 hour – $520

6 monthly sessions of 1 hour – $720

Payment terms are available.

Reach out and connect if you are interested in some coaching.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Karen Munro” company=”” image=””]I am a PM who has worked on many projects in large organisations. I am also a Change Manager who has worked alongside PM’s. A large part of my way of working is to coach them, on the job. This has meant that we get a better outcome for the project overall. I understand the issues they are having and have ways of working that change the dynamic so that relationships are turned around.[/thrive_testimonial]