project foundations

Want to rock your project foundations?

I see a project as something that needs a strong foundation and footing in order to be successful. Want to rock your project foundations?  Here are just a few ways you can do it:

Don’t write a business case

Why would you want to write a business case? Writing it takes up a lot of your time and effort and just it gets kept in the bottom drawer.  No one ever really reads it nor pays attention to it.  It doesn’t need to be referred to at all during the life of your project.  You just make things up as you go and as long as you sort of deliver what was expected, then there’s no problem at all.

Don’t have the right people on your Project Control Board

Mates are the best people to have on your Project Control Board (PCB).  Why?  Because they won’t question what you do, not really.  They will be the people who know the least about the project, those who are too busy with their own jobs to be paying real attention to what’s happening on your project.  No real scrutiny and assurance.  Just the way that works best for you, so that you can simply get on and deliver.

Don’t create a project plan

Why waste your time developing a project plan.  It’s a bit like the business case no one really cares about the plan anyway.  Simply tell the teams what you need and let them get to work.  They know what they need to deliver and they’ve done it before, so as long as you keep on top of them, ‘not a problem’.

Don’t talk to the business

The business are a hindrance to your project because they keep questioning what you’re doing.  The least people from the business who are involved in your project the better.  It would be best if only one or two of them know about the details of what you are doing, so be sure to not involve any more than that.

Don’t properly estimate your resourcing requirements

Finger in the air calculations or guesstimates work best for resourcing estimates as you can always go and get more when you need them.  The guys doing BAU activities will always help you out when you get in a bind, so it’s okay if your estimates are out somewhat.  Oh, and the business always have more money than they say they do to throw at projects, so there really won’t be a problem if you do need more external resources, they’ll find the money to spend on them.  After all, its their project and they want it delivered.

Don’t solicit detailed requirements from the business in a formal way

The business never know what they really want, so why bother with formal business requirements.  It’s a waste of time and resources to even both try to gather them.  And, it holds up the start of your project.  It’s best to just get started and you can work them out as you go.  That way the business will start to get a feel for what they want and you can change things on the fly.


Each of these things are great ways to rock your project foundations. Do these and you are sure to have an unstable project that is likely to fail.

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