Productivity tools for your project team

Productivity tools should be something you consider using for your team, especially with remote workers.

These days with the agility and stability of technology we often end up with Project Team members working across many sites.

Having these workers on your team is a great benefit.  It can also feel like it makes your job more difficult.

In an earlier article I spoke about how to run effective team meetings with remote workers, let us look at some tools to assist with tracking tasks and time for these workers.

How to track the tasks of your remote workforce

After you produce your project schedule, your goal is to monitor the timely completion of tasks.

How do you do that currently?

On my projects, we had a weekly teleconference call and check-in.  This relied on a lot of trust.

I had to trust that what I was being told by the remote workers was correct.  Naturally, any untruths would show up when it came to testing, so it is not worth remote workers lying about what they have done.

The team at Time Doctor reached out to tell me about their App.

It’s a tool that monitors task completion as well as time spent on each task.

You might look into it to see if it adds value for you in understanding where remote workers time is really being spent.

Apps for team collaboration

I recently joined up and began using Slack.

It is just one of many team collaboration tools available on the web these days.

What I love about these sorts of applications is that it puts all of your communication in one place.

It is easier to collaborate across all teams with a tool that holds all material in the one place.

We have set up team Wikis for some projects, and these have worked well.

We have also used tools for task management including movement of tasks from one team to another as the work progresses. These workflow management tools make it easy to track tasks and for collaboration.

Each of these tools saved time and effort for the team members.

Consider the value to your team of having all of your messaging, tasks and conversations in the one place.

Think Productivity and Time Management

productivity tools

The whole purpose of using any time management or productivity tools is to make life easier for everyone.

Making their life easier will bring benefits in the form of greater efficiency.

You might consider looking at this list of the 15 best time management tips for 2017 to see if any work for you.