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How to Write a Business Case


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Do you want to know how to write a business case?

In this 58 page book, you will learn the process of how to write a business case that is strong.  A business case that will show how valid it is to move forward with a project. Or to show that it is not worth continuing to waste time, money and resources on a project.

This book has been written specifically for the business case writer. It is valuable for those completely new to writing a business case or those who have written one before.

Writing a business case can feel like a tedious task. I have written this guide to allow you to follow a flow that will make the task seem easier.

If you want to learn to write a strong business case then this book will support you to do that. By working through each section in the book and paying attention to the tips and tricks you will begin to see your business case come together.  Or, it will become evident very quickly that things aren’t going to work and it is no good wasting your time proceeding further.

Use the checklist in the Book to ensure you have all of the key information required in your business case. Validate that your content flows and provides the level of detail required to gain sign-off.

This book may help you to validate what you have written in your business case sections.


What’s contained in the Book

write a business case book

This book

  • provides guidance and advice on how to gather the information needed for each area within the business case
  • explains why the particular information is required in the business case
  • explains how it connects to decision-making about whether the project that the business case is solving should proceed or not
  • allows you to clearly see if your business case ‘stacks-up’ or is valid
  • explains how to gain the buy-in from your decision makers
  • talks about why to not use previously written business cases for the same project.

The book contains 12 tips as useful reminders of the key things to cover or watch out for in developing each area of your business case

Why this book is a valuable resource to have

This book can be used each time you have the need to produce a Business Case.

It is simple in its approach and uses common sense language.

If you have any difficulties with one particular area of business case writing, you can use the book to remind yourself of what that section is about.

The aim of the book is to provide you with a straightforward and easy process to follow to ensure you have maximum project success.

Not only are you more likely to gain approval for the business case, you will set the project up for success by ensuring the key areas of scope, timeline and budget are realistic and traceable during the life of the project.


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