Personality Type Training

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This Manage Different Personality Types course consists of six modules.  It describes the characteristics of passive aggressive, blockers, control freaks and needy types.  The modules explain why people respond in these ways and how you can manage that behaviour for better outcomes.  Your gain insight into how to manage them to get the best from them and feel more in control of situations when their behaviour shows up.

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This experience-based personality type training gives you hands-on opportunities to try out what you are learning as you work through the course.

In this training, you will learn to manage four different personality types.

This six-module course assists you in managing different personality types who exhibit passive-aggressive, blocking or being a naysayer, controlling or needy behaviour.

Module 1 is the Introduction to the course and describes the organisation of it and the structure of the practice exercises.

Module 2 is about passive-aggressive types.  It describes what being passive-aggressive is, how to recognise the behaviour, and offers ways of managing that behaviour when it occurs.

Module 3 is about naysayers or blockers.  It details why people respond this way, and what you can do in order to get the best from these people on your team.

Module 4 looks at the ‘control freaks’.  It describes what you notice when you are feeling controlled and how you can manage this situation.

Module 5 describes ‘needy’ types, why these people are the way they are and how you can work in a more productive way.

Module 6 is the course wrap up where we review everything that has been discussed in the course to look at what has worked and not worked for you.

Each module is delivered in two formats – audio files and a downloadable PDF.  This allows you to take notes, if you choose, or if you have a visual learning style.


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