28 Reasons to Write a Business Case eBook

28 Reasons to Write a Business Case eBook


This eBook lists the 28 reasons to write a business case that I found.  You might find one or two on the list that will help you sell the benefits of writing a Business Case to management within your organisation.

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Whilst I was writing the ‘How to write a REAL Business Case eBook’ I started to identify the good reasons why it was of value to write a Business Case.  I started to capture them and they now form the contents of this eBook ’28 Reasons to write a Business Case.’

Given that there are times when I hear the Senior Managers do not want to write a business case in order to initiate a project, I decided to capture these reasons so that you may find one or two that you could use to convince your Business Owner of the value in having a well written business case produced BEFORE you start any project.

I would be interested if you have any additional reasons that I haven’t found.  Please send me an email if you find any.  I would love to add them.


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