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Manage Multiple Tasks the Smarter Way

How’s your ability to manage multiple tasks?

Here’s an infographic that might support you to manage your time differently when you wear multiple hats.

You know the hats I’m talking about – father, partner, boyfriend, son, mate, team player, sports enthusiast.  Each of these ‘roles’ or ‘hats’ has expectations and time requirements attached to them. And then there’s the ‘Project Manager’ hat that you wear at work.

Why not consider different ways of using your time

That might be by planning your day differently.

It might be using technology apps to track and manage your time so that you can become more aware of the things that are taking most of your time.  This may allow you to delegate some of the tasks and therefore free up YOUR time.

This handy infographic looks at different methods and tools that might assist you.

manage multiple tasks

Via Salesforce

Better ways to manage multiple tasks

Don’t get caught in the overwhelm of having multiple tasks to manage all at once.  The key is to have a list or tool that you can refer to, and focus on only one task at a time.  You can only effectively do one thing at once.

Whichever way you look at it, managing multiple tasks is not the most efficient way to use your time. If you are splitting your time between tasks by doing two at once, you aren’t effective. Or efficient. You can’t possibly be.

Apps I find beneficial

I love using the Wunderlist App.  It allows me to create different lists that help me organise and understand the tasks that I want to accomplish.

I also find the TurboScan App one of the best things I have downloaded.  It allows me to capture material on the go, whether that’s notes I have taken, the material on whiteboards from meetings, scanned receipts, you name it I can scan and send it.  Search for it in the Apple Store, or on Google Play.

If you are looking for other time management tips you might like to listen to this podcast episode on Time Management Tips.

Remember the more organized you are, the more efficient you can be with your time.  And the more you manage one task at the time, the less stressed your daily life will be.