Improve Your Project Management Skills

Do you want to improve your project management skills? Working as a Project Manager isn’t always easy. It can often feel as if the whole team is against you.  There may be conflict that means you can’t work the way you want to.

You may notice you don’t have the appropriate skills to make changes.  What skills do you want to improve to help you work smarter and easier?

This site will provide you with skills in:

Business Case Writing

Write a business case that will support the case for change.

Learn to write a business case that will set your project up for success and gain easy approval.

Project team leadership

Leading a team isn’t easy with the different personalities that exist as part of it. Learn to manage the different personality types.

Learn more about you and how you lead. Start to notice your responses to others, and question them.

Understand how to deal with team conflict.

Project team management

Managing your inbox can sometimes feel a large task, learn tips for making this easier.

Learn about estimating and how this can be done in a way that is more realistic.

Transition to BAU

Gain skills and knowledge to make transitioning to BAU an easy task that flows.

Learn to do what it takes so that the business feels happy to take ownership of the product at the end of the project.

Project handover’s

Let’s talk about being handed a project part way through and how you can feel comfortable taking it over in the shortest possible time.

Learn some tricks to make handing your project over to another PM go as smoothly as possible.