The importance of project scope

You might ask “What is the importance of project scope?”

We all hear about successful projects being within scope, delivered on time and within the assigned budget and yet a large number of projects fail to do these things.

The reason?  Not treating project scope as important.

The importance of project scope

The project scope is the boundary within which you will deliver your project.

You will have difficulty delivering a successful project without clearly defined project scope.

Imagine trying to build a house without understanding that it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and garage, for example.

Or, imagine a football team playing football on a field without any boundary lines to denote when a play is in the field and what isn’t.  It is a strange image, isn’t it?


You will have no understanding of what you should be delivering, how you should deliver it and in what form.

For me, the project scope is THE key thing for the delivery of a successful project.

Project scope management

Project scope management begins before the project even starts.

To manage your project scope correctly you must have a strong and clearly written business case.

The business case should define the ‘scope’ of what your project will deliver.

You then manage your scope by monitoring your business case during the life of your project.

I often see business cases that are not clear on what is and isn’t going to be delivered and they are cause for disaster. Which is what usually happens.

You will deliver your project successfully if you get your business case right.

What are the benefits of project scope management?

Good project scope management will

  • support you to understand what to deliver
  • help you make decisions during the life of the project
  • provide a reference point for any decision making
  • support successful project delivery
  • make your job as a project manage easier

This is why the project scope is very important.