Frustrated with your project team?

What is it about your project team that frustrates you the most? I used to find that it was the people who would tell me they were going to deliver something, and then not deliver, They wouldn’t tell me they were having difficulties meeting the deadline we had originally set, they simply didn’t deliver.

This was so frustrating on may counts.
1. I trusted them when they said they would deliver, and they let me know.
2. Often what I was wanting from them was something that others were dependent upon.
3. I had to wear the wrap for their work not being done, as the PM the buck always stopped with me.

How did I fix this and make it work better for me?
* I got to the point of gaining the teams trust. I did this by showing them that they could trust me. I did this by doing what I said I would do. And, if for some reason I couldn’t deliver, then I let them know.

* This allowed me to then talk to them openly about what was happening for me in regards to the project. I let them know when things weren’t going to plan. I fed back to them the response I was getting from the Senior Management/Project Sponsor.

* This in turn led them to realise the importance of sharing when things weren’t working for them. An example was where someone else had asked one of the programmers on my project to do something urgently, it then turned out to take more time than he expected and this had a flow on affect for my project. He told me about what had happened, when it happened and I was then able to let the rest of the team know, including Senior Management. They (Senior Management) then learned to trust us/me in being up front with them. It’s worth it.

So, what is it that frustrates YOU the most with your project team?