How To Engage Project Stakeholders

Do you know how to engage project stakeholders?

Project stakeholders are people after all. Sometimes I think we forget that. Especially when we are caught up in our role of ‘managing’ the project to its desired outcome.

And yet, engaging your stakeholders can make or break your project success.  Or more accurately if you engage your stakeholders in the right way they will support your success.

Just the same way that not engaging with the right stakeholders in the right way can derail your project success.

In this webinar I talk to you about the following topic areas:

Engage ALL Your Stakeholders

  • Make sure you engage ALL your stakeholders.  You might like to watch a previous webinar on ‘How To Identify Your Project Stakeholders’ for more information on what a stakeholder is.

Why Stakeholders Are Important

  • Stakeholders have an impact on your project so it is important to engage with them in the right way to support your success.

Different Ways To Engage Your Stakeholders

  • I’ll explore with your different ways to engage your stakeholders using different communication methods.

Remember Your Stakeholders Are Individuals

  • Stakeholders are individuals. Understand why it’s important to recognize this when you are interacting with them on your project.

Watch this replay and let me know which areas you found useful.  Are there any types of stakeholders that you struggle to engage more than others?

Do you find it easy to continuously engage your stakeholders during the life of your project or don’t you have the time?

A bit like putting your project team members first, putting your project stakeholders first, is another aspect of ‘People First Project Management’ that I have touched on in my podcast episodes.

In my experience taking the added time to engage fully with my stakeholders supports me when I have difficulties in an area of my project.  My stakeholders are there to support me to turn things around.

Think about that, next time you are too busy to engage with your stakeholders.