How to make EDRMS implementation easy

Who ever said an EDRMS implementation needs to be a difficult task?

Here are eight ways to make the task of implementation easier.

Elise Stephens from Fix My Project Chaos and I caught up to talk about ‘How to fall in love with your EDRMS implementation’, or in other words the key tips for a successful EDRMS implementation.

We had fun discussing the similarities between EDRMS implementations and relationships.

The podcast looks at key areas to focus on in your implementation, why you need to focus on them and the value of looking at these key areas.

Here’s the podcast for you to listen to:

Here are the eight tips we have

Think small, not big – Find the one area in the business that is going to get the most out of it and start with them.

Find the ‘sparkle’ factor – Find the grab for the business, how it would make their work easier. For example having full text search. What is the ‘What’s In It For Me’ for each individual?

Change Management is a strong focus area – Make sure that you understand the business’ current habits and how the implementation is going to change the ‘bad’ habits into good.

Find an advocate – Have someone who is passionate and wants to be onboard and let them talk about what they see as good.

Build trust with the business – this needs to happen for them to be onboard with you and the whole project process.

Sell the benefits – Audit trail becomes easier and record keeping is important.

Rules of engagement and set up must be balanced – Records Management needs to be happy AND so does the business.  The rules need to work for both groups. It must be easy and simple for the business.

Senior Management needs to be onboard – aren’t usually the group that will be users.  Taking away what is familiar, and let transition take place.  The noise is okay when this occurs.

Cut down the fear of not being able to find information when it’s needed.