Difficult Team Members?

Dealing with difficult people is not easy, especially when you need them to be part of your team in order to deliver your project.

What do you do when someone wants to control your meetings all the time?

How do you manage someone who seems positively angry, no matter what the situation?

What do you do when you ask someone to do something and they continually want your help?

difficult team members

On any project team, there are many different personality types.  Some are harder to work with than others and yet you need all of them performing at their best in order to deliver your project.

Do you wish you knew how to manage those difficult personality types?

This six-part training has been developed to do just that.  Help YOU learn how to manage ‘difficult’ personality types.

The training supports you to learn to understand WHY they behave the way they do.  By understanding them and gaining some tips and tricks for working with them, you will be able to manage them better so they aren’t as disruptive to your team.  You will be less stressed around them and more able to work with them to deliver your project.

This will help you turn them from difficult, to not difficult to work with.

What you will gain from undertaking this training:

  1. Information to help better understand people  The information in this course will help you to better understand each of these people or personality types in order to interact differently with them.
  2. Understanding of how to work differently with them  Ways of interacting and dealing with each person so that you can improve your relationship with them, for the betterment of not only you, also the entire team.
  3. Common sense material that you can put into practice  The course content is practical in nature.  The whole aim of the course is to improve your skill levels.  This is done by delivering down to earth simple ways of making changes to how you engage with these different people.

About the course content and delivery

This course is designed to provide you with a greater understanding of each person. It provides tips and ways of dealing with each different personality type in order to get the best from them.  It is experiential so that you can try out different ways of working to see if one works best for you.

Each part has an exercise for you to use in your day-to-day work environment so that you learn from experience. This helps make the course content useful to you.

Support and further guidance are also available via email and an online discussion group (if you are interested).

The course is delivered to you via audio files and downloadable workbooks, which come to you in an email in the following sequence:

-> The day you sign up, you receive Module 1

-> The day after that you receive Module 2

-> One week later you receive Module 3

-> For the following three weeks after that you receive Modules 4, 5 & 6 on the same day each week.

This means that the course delivery is spread over five weeks in total. This allows you to put into practice what you are learning.

Here is what is contained in this difficult team members course:

Module 1 – Introduction

In this first module, I introduce you to the course and its structure.

I provide you with an overview of the entire content and what the experiential exercises are like.

I also discuss the support that you receive during the course.


passive aggressive

Module 2 – Dealing with people who don’t say what they mean

In this module, we look at how you might identify someone being passive aggressive.

I discuss the impact of having someone like this on your team.

We look at how to respond to people when they are passive aggressive and offer ways of working with them.

It is useful to turn the mirror to see if you can find places where you respond in a passive-aggressive manner.

We investigate other places in your life where this has occurred.


blockers or naysayers

Module 3 – Dealing with blockers or negative nancies

In the module, we look at how to know you are dealing with a naysayer or blocker.

We look at why these people behave the way they do by appearing so negative about everything and what that means.

I provide you with suggestions on how to deal with these people in order to work in the best way with them.

This is based on my own experiences of what works.


control freaks

Module 4 – Dealing with control freaks or people that want to be in charge

In this module, I explain to you why control freaks are the way they are.

I give you ways to identify when they are being this way around you.

Strategies are also suggested as to how to best manage controllers.


needy behaviour

Module 5 – Dealing with people who want your attention all the time

In this module, I describe for you the signs of a needy person.

I explain what it is that these people really ‘need’ in order to help you understand them better.

We investigate why these people are a problem for you.

I offer you suggested ways of dealing with needy types.


Module 6 – Wrap up and review

This is the wrap-up and review of the entire course.


The cost for this course is $ 197.00 which includes access to all six modules delivered over five weeks so you can study them when it suits you.

Each module contains at least one, if not two, audio files.  A module workbook plus additional downloadable pdf resources to support your greater understanding of each personality type.

Note: Payment is via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay using your credit card.  You can choose to have the currency amount shown in your local currency at checkout.