A Way To Define Project Scope

Let’s look at a way to describe the ‘Scope’ of your project.  In this Project Management Insights episode, I explain the acronym SCOPE for you. It’s a way to define project scope and help you understand the key elements.

S = Succinct

How detailed do you have, in writing, the scope of your project?  Is it clearly set out in your Business Case, so that people know where to go to find it?  This is important because without this the scope creeps.

I use ‘succinct’ to define project scope as I am have seen many project scope’s documented which were the exact opposite of succinct.  They were unclear and not well defined.  This only makes the job of you, the Project Manager, harder.

C = Contained

Here I’m talking about ‘defined and trackable.’  How can you contain the scope of your project?  If it’s defined, with boundaries, and succinctly set out, it will be easier to monitor,  Tracking of your scope is a key part of Project Management.


O = Outcome Specific


P = Purpose Driven

E = Easy to Understand