4 keywords for effective teamwork

What 4 keywords for effective teamwork would you consider the most important?  Have you stopped to think about the important aspects that do make up effective teamwork?  Here is what one National Hockey League coach in the USA has as his top for keywords.

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Project teams perform like a Premiership team

After watching sporting teams playing in the finals (and ultimately the Grand Final) I realised that there is a strong connection between these high performing teams and project teams that perform well and succeed.  How you may ask?

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Project Managers dont get support

A Project Manager should be able to handle anything and everything that happens in line with their role of managing the delivery of a project. They shouldn’t need support or help, as they have the skills and resources to enable them to do the job.

What do you think of my statement?

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How to run a Post Implementation Review (PIR)

Have you ever run a Post Implementation Review (PIR) or seen one run?
I like to run PIR’s in an informal way.  Why? Because I find that I get more out of people than when I have very formal processes and protocols about the way that they are run.

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The 5 hidden values of collaboration

I see that people find it difficult to consider “collaboration” an important part of good project management, and yet for me it is one of the key elements of real team work.  And the best possible way to get the project outcome that you want.

I decided to look at the hidden value of collaboration to try and express why it is so important.

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