Project individuals vs Project team

A project team needs to be a group of individuals all striving for the same outcome. Let’s look at the difference of people that work as individuals on a project versus those that are really working as part of the team.

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6 reasons to hold an all team meeting

Today I had the privilege of participating in an all team meeting.

This meeting is the first one that has been held for this project.  The project has been running for seven months now and at times there have been difficulties with it.  The project team operate in two sites, in different cities, so communication is not easy.   Whilst project team meetings are held over Video Conference (VC) there isn’t the same ‘one team’ feel as I have had in other project teams, understandably.

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6 tips to avoid burnout of IT project teams

One key task for a project manager is to manager their resources so as to avoid burnout.

Burnout on projects is quite common these days with so many of them running over time and budget.

This has it’s toll on your project team members in ways that you really don’t want.  Here are some tips on how to avoid this burnout (and it might just mean that your project is delivered on time too)

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Trust among team members is important

Why would trust among team members be important in a project team even more so than in any normal circumstance?  Or perhaps I should say, why it is needed even more so than ever? Because in a project team each and every individual contributing to the outcome of the project is reliant on each and every other person for something to ensure successful delivery.  It is therefore very important that there is a strong level of trust among the team.

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