Senior Management involvement is a must

Never underestimate the value of Senior Management involvement in your project!

Your ability to gain buy-in and support from across an organisation is really dependent on having one or more Senior Managers along for the ride.  Your project needs to be something that these managers talk about, whenever the opportunity arises.

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How to confuse people in the business

If you are doing all of the things that point to project chaos then you are likely to have a clear understanding of how to confuse people in the business.

In my recent post titled ‘No collaboration = Project chaos‘ I spoke about the sorts of things that I see that cause chaos in a project.  What I didn’t discuss in that post was the impact on the business stakeholders when this is occurring.

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The value of early stakeholder engagement in a project

Never underestimate the value of early stakeholder engagement to a project.
I realised this week how easy it is to overwork, under work, go off on the wrong tangent, not do what is really needed etc., in delivering a project just because you don’t engage the right stakeholders early enough in your project.

In previous posts I have discussed the value of good communication, and of creating what I call ‘the one team‘ mentality, this post ties in with those.

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