Preparing risk mitigation strategies

It is important when preparing risk mitigation strategies that you prepare for ANY eventuality.  Project Managers tend to not want to highlight these eventualities, because they feel that the more risks they have the more work for them.

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How to identify risks

What is risk management?  It is an interesting question. You start with the understanding of how to identify risks and then work towards documenting them and development of a mitigation strategy.

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Risk mitigation using ‘Lessons Learned’

Whilst, as a Project Manager I prefer to manage a project my own way there is value in visiting the ‘Lessons Learned’ logs of previous projects run within the organisation to see where common problems or risk areas lie.

In the context of IT projects there will be very valuable lessons that will have been learned from other IT projects that have already been carried out by the organisation in areas such as data migration or system configuration, or business engagement, for example..  If this is the case, then doesn’t it make logical sense to tap into that wealth of knowledge and use it to better set up and manage your project?

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