You don’t need a project schedule

Project schedules are a sense of security for your project sponsor and Project Control Board (PCB).  That is their purpose.

They are a simple tracking tool only and of no real value.  Therefore there is no real need to have one.  You can track how things are going making an estimate and report this to your PCB and sponsor.

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4 hidden costs of poor project planning

There are some basic things that people will see when they consider the cost of poor project planning.  I would like to suggest that there are more ‘hidden’ costs that aren’t always visible.  In this post I will talk about four hidden costs of poor project planning and once identified you might be able to stop them from occurring with better planning.

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Rigour around project plan tracking – it’s a must

I cannot stress enough the importance of rigour around project plan tracking.

When you start a project you need to understand what it is that you are aiming to achieve at the end of your project.  This will of course take the form of detailed information in a Project Initiation Document or Business Case, sometimes both.

You should also have detailed business requirements (for IT based projects) which detail exactly what the system will/should do when you’re finished.  These will be used and validated during each of the project delivery phases, and especially in testing.

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