How to Rebuild Trust With Your Project Team

Would you know how to rebuild trust with your project team? Trust is a big thing, especially in the relationships that we have with our team.  It is essential to have the type of relationship where people will go the extra mile for you, no matter what.  They trust that you will deliver for them, … Read more How to Rebuild Trust With Your Project Team

Project Management Insights Podcast

The Project Management Insights Podcast is published weekly. It contains tips on different topic areas of interest to you as a Project Manager. In each podcast, I share my own insights and things that have worked well for me. This includes insights and information on improving your people management and communication skills. I also share … Read more Project Management Insights Podcast

What Project Manager competencies are you missing?

What Project Manager competencies do you need to be successful as a leader and manager of a project? PMBOK has a list of them that are across competencies related to the ‘soft skills’ of people management. Work with this list to assess any weaknesses you have. ————————————————— Download the FREE SWOT Template to undertake your … Read more What Project Manager competencies are you missing?

How good are you at working with people?

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Have you ever considered how good you are at working with people?  Is this something you have considered at all in your role as Project Manager, that it is an important skill that you need to have? ​One of the core skills of being a Project Manager is working with people. That may involve working … Read more How good are you at working with people?

Dealing with naysayers at work

Dealing with naysayers at work isn’t always easy.  We all come across them, those people either in our team, or in the broader business who do nothing but throw a wet blanket over everything we say or do.  They are the people who will always tell you why something can’t be done.  They may be Managers, or peers in the business who are not part of your project team.

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Resources to help you be a better Project Manager

For this post I  bring you useful resources that I have found today.  Each article has great insights that may help you be a better Project Manager.  They may help you answer some questions or fill a knowledge gap that you have. They are an interesting mix of articles.  I have chosen them because each one provides some useful information that I would like to have had in my early days as a PM.

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Project Manager or Project Leader?

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Lao Tzu 

What an interesting quote this is if you consider it in terms of the concept of what a Project Leader might be like.

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Do PMs need negotiation skills?

Do you think Project Managers (PMs) need negotiation skills?

I do.  I have seen a lot of occasions where they would have come in handy.  Times when the PM is getting push back from streams  or stream leads about delivery items.  In this instance it would be valuable for the PM to have some more formal negotiation skills under his/her belt.

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