Stop Focusing On Budget, Timelines and Scope

You are spending too much time focusing on Budget, Scope and Timeline when the key to delivering a successful project is focusing on the people. That’s why I’m coining a new phrase ‘People Focused Project Management’. Project Methodologies Have It All Wrong Undertaking your Project Management Certification the key is to focus on budget, scope … Read more Stop Focusing On Budget, Timelines and Scope

Early stakeholder engagement is hard

early stakeholder engagement

Never underestimate the value of early stakeholder engagement to a project.
Not engaging the right stakeholders early enough in your project creates added headaches and problems with project delivery.

In previous posts I have discussed the value of good communication, and of creating what I call ‘the one team‘ mentality, this post ties in with those.

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Business Project vs IT Project?

Business project vs IT project. This is the debate that never wins me, friends. The people that I debate this with have a strong sense that Information Technology (I.T.) is the world. And therefore how dare I have a different point of view. Sorry guys, but since when did I.T. run the business?  The business … Read more Business Project vs IT Project?

How to get rid of data issues on your project

If  you are like me you will have been involved in a large number of projects where data is involved and most times there have been issues on the project.  In most IT projects the reason for the project is a better way to manage customer data is needed.

In this article ‘22 tips for better data science‘ I found that I connected with some of the tips more than others.  Here are the ones that jumped out to me:

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Resources to help you be a better Project Manager

For this post I  bring you useful resources that I have found today.  Each article has great insights that may help you be a better Project Manager.  They may help you answer some questions or fill a knowledge gap that you have. They are an interesting mix of articles.  I have chosen them because each one provides some useful information that I would like to have had in my early days as a PM.

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Caught in the BAU versus project trap

Meaning of BAU

When is a project not a project, when it’s a Business As Usual activity.

I was involved in a very interesting situation in the past month whilst working as the Project Manager and Change Manager on an initiative which I would call BAU.  It felt like being caught in the BAU versus project trap, an age old argument that occurs in most organisations.

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Good ROI doesn’t mean project success

software project business case

I work near some really switched on project finance team members who know their stuff.  In the last couple of days we’ve been having a great on-going discussion about ROI (Return On Investment). Of course it has gone hand in hand with discussions around benefits realisation, but that content is for another blog post. What we’ve decided is that good ROI doesn’t mean project success.

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What does it take to manage a project?

In my opinion most people don’t really understand what ‘managing’ a project is actually about.

I have seen many project managers who do everything other than actually ‘manage’ what needs to be done in order to deliver the project.  And in seeing this occur I also see that the project is usually flailing, falling behind, and there are problems delivering.

So, what does it actually mean to ‘manage’ when we talk in terms of a project.

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Are you a Project Manager managing change?

Do you see yourself as a ‘Project Manager’ or a ‘Change Manager’ or a ‘Project Manager managing change’?

It is interesting considering the context of these titles.  Project Managers are seen as people who manage projects, whilst Change Managers are seen as people who manage change related to projects, or as the outcome of projects.  But on a number of projects there is only the Project Manager managing change.

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Project Managers dont get support

A Project Manager should be able to handle anything and everything that happens in line with their role of managing the delivery of a project. They shouldn’t need support or help, as they have the skills and resources to enable them to do the job.

What do you think of my statement?

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Project Managers are people too, aren’t they?

I noticed earlier this week in a team meeting that it is all too easy to place the role or hat of Project Manager (PM) on someone and that seemed to automatically change the way that they are seen in the broader context by the people around them.