Issues are worth tracking

An issue is something that is raised by anyone on the project.  Issues are something that has been unresolved; is causing a problem; or that raises a question.  It is information that is incomplete.  An item that needs clarification or further investigation.  How do you track them?

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Identify and manage issues on your project

The ability to identify and manage issues on a project is a key task for any project manager.

When I’m managing a project I like to think of issues as tasks or items that need to be analysed, resolved, or discussed in order to have decisions made about them. They are those things that come up during the life of your project, that stop it from running smoothly.

Project Managers often overlook issues, and that is when they find down the track, that their project has gone pear shaped and is way off track.

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The value of using an Issues Register on a project

It would be crazy to say that a project can run without any issues being identified.  It is just not possible!

Issues come in many forms and can be items that require a small amount of attention to fix, or erupt from when they are first identified into much larger problems and even create a risk for your project.  For this reason alone it is very important that an Issue or Issues Register is set up and used.

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