project health checks

Why undertake Project Health Checks?

Use Prince2’s Project Health Check Question List to undertake a quality Health Check.  It doesn’t discuss the right time to undertake the check though.

In my opinion the right time to undertake a Project Health Check will depend on the size of your project. Another key factor will be the maturity level of your organisations project management processes.

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Good project governance is a must

It’s hard to see what project governance really is, because it can often feel like an unnecessary burden on a very busy Project Manager.  But it is VERY important in ensuring that a project is run and delivered as it should be.

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The value of using an Issues Register on a project

It would be crazy to say that a project can run without any issues being identified.  It is just not possible!

Issues come in many forms and can be items that require a small amount of attention to fix, or erupt from when they are first identified into much larger problems and even create a risk for your project.  For this reason alone it is very important that an Issue or Issues Register is set up and used.

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The PCB is the decision making body on a project

If a Project Control Board (PCB) is set up with the right people on it, and by this I mean, those with the level of decision making authority to be able to make decisions at a level to directly influence a project, then the project will be in the best state for it to deliver successfully.

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