5 ways to manage aggressive team meetings

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Here are 5 useful ways to manage aggressive team meetings.  Are there any that you use that aren’t on the list? Aggressive team meetings aren’t fun. Not for you, the PM, nor for the other team members. Here are five ways that you might find useful to change things up: 1. Be Silent An angry … Read more 5 ways to manage aggressive team meetings

Negotiating from No to Yes

Here’s a different form of negotiating.. Don’t accept ‘No’ as an answer, when you need something for your project. Why do I say that?

As a Project Manager I am being paid to ensure that I deliver this project for my Business Owner, to the best of my ability, on time, on budget and within scope.  And yes, those are the standard project success factors.  We can talk about other just as important things to measure success by, but I will leave that for another post.

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