Why it is of value to pick up the phone

Pick up the phone to talk to your team members rather than send an email. How many times have you sent an email to another team member and not received a reply?  Many I am guessing. And as a Project Manager it is frustrating. Why? Because we have a schedule to adhere to. We need … Read more Why it is of value to pick up the phone

Tips for collaborating with your project team

In this week’s Project Management Insights episode I provide you with useful tips for collaborating with your project team.  Do you understand the way that people take in information and how this might impact the way that they collaborate? I explain different learning styles and how you can understand the best way to interact with each individual team … Read more Tips for collaborating with your project team

How good are you at working with people?

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Have you ever considered how good you are at working with people?  Is this something you have considered at all in your role as Project Manager, that it is an important skill that you need to have? ​One of the core skills of being a Project Manager is working with people. That may involve working … Read more How good are you at working with people?

Negotiating from No to Yes

Here’s a different form of negotiating.. Don’t accept ‘No’ as an answer, when you need something for your project. Why do I say that?

As a Project Manager I am being paid to ensure that I deliver this project for my Business Owner, to the best of my ability, on time, on budget and within scope.  And yes, those are the standard project success factors.  We can talk about other just as important things to measure success by, but I will leave that for another post.

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Communicate your project plan

Project managers are taught that if they spend hours developing a good clear and structured project plan, then their project has a better chance of success. Whilst the plan might ‘contribute’ to the success of a project by ensuring that tasks are defined, or at least listed, and there is some method for how the project is going to be run, the plan is only as good as your communication of it.

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What is change management?

What is change management?

Change management is one of those terms that most people know very little about.  Some people would tell you there is some framework, others would be able to tell you about the steps involved from the famous text by Kotter on managing change, but my instinct from working with project managers and the business alike is that they don’t really understand it.

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