Productivity tools for your project team

Productivity tools should be something you consider using for your team, especially with remote workers. These days with the agility and stability of technology we often end up with Project Team members working across many sites. Having these workers on your team is a great benefit.  It can also feel like it makes your job … Read more Productivity tools for your project team

Why byte size information sharing is valuable

byte size information sharing

There are many online tools available these days to support project team collaboration.  With social media such a part of everyone’s life, many people are used to byte size information sharing. People presented with a full load of information, become overwhelmed and don’t read it.  I see the future of team collaboration as providing these … Read more Why byte size information sharing is valuable

Ways to improve team cohesion

improve team cohesion

Have you considered ways to improve team cohesion? As a Project Manager it is all too easy to get caught up in the day to day of running your project.  There are a million and one things that need to be done, you’ve got pressure being put on you from your Senior Executive to deliver, and things may not always be going as well as you would like. Working on assisting the team to work better together is probably the furthest thing from your mind.

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Ways to bridge generation gaps on your team

run effective project meetings

Do you have perceived generation gaps between workers on your project team?  You know what I mean, younger team members who don’t listen to older more experienced team members.  Older and more experienced team members who won’t listen to the younger and newer team members. Do these ‘differences’ mean that their are issues with the … Read more Ways to bridge generation gaps on your team

Project team roles and responsibilities

A project team is like a mini organisation where understanding of roles and responsibilities is important
If you look at a project as a mini organisation and consider that it is very important that the people working in your ‘mini organisation’ fully understand their roles and responsibilities, just as is the case in any organisation or business, then this might help alleviate some issues that you may have with teamwork and delivery output.

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How do you collaborate?

The ability to collaborate as a project team is the key to it’s success.  As the Project Manager you need to ensure that collaboration across the team is easy and working.

For the past four months I have been using a collaboration tool for my own projects.  There are a number of these tools available in the market, each with similar and different features.

I’m going to talk about my own personal experiences of using Xtrant so that you gain some idea of the value that I see in using this sort of tool.

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6 reasons to hold an all team meeting

Today I had the privilege of participating in an all team meeting.

This meeting is the first one that has been held for this project.  The project has been running for seven months now and at times there have been difficulties with it.  The project team operate in two sites, in different cities, so communication is not easy.   Whilst project team meetings are held over Video Conference (VC) there isn’t the same ‘one team’ feel as I have had in other project teams, understandably.

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The 5 hidden values of collaboration

I see that people find it difficult to consider “collaboration” an important part of good project management, and yet for me it is one of the key elements of real team work.  And the best possible way to get the project outcome that you want.

I decided to look at the hidden value of collaboration to try and express why it is so important.

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