Key tips for building an EDRMS business case

edrms business case

There are some great reference sources out there which contain useful information on EDRMS Business Case building. Here are my EDRMS business case key tips.

My previous blog posts on business case writing generally have covered some of these areas. The key is to understand those things that are more important and relevant for your EDRMS/ECMs implementation.

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5 people who shouldn’t write a business case

shouldn't write a business case

Ever been in a meeting and watched someone have a profound realisation? His realisation was that the reason his sectors projects fail is because the wrong people are writing the business cases.  I could easily identify from my own experience of five people who shouldn’t write a business case. This also got me thinking about this very issue of who is the best person to write the business case?

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How to present a business case

The final step in business case development is how to present a business case so that it gains maximum buy in. Once you have prepared your business case and are confident that it presents the full case for why a change needs to be made, then it’s time to consider how you are going to present it to your Business Owner or key stakeholders.

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