byte size information sharing

Why byte size information sharing is valuable

There are many online tools available these days to support project team collaboration.  With social media such a part of everyone’s life, many people are used to byte size information sharing. People presented with a full load of information, become overwhelmed and don’t read it.  I see the future of team collaboration as providing these bite size pieces of information more often.

Why byte size information sharing is valuable

This concept of providing small bits of information to people via the use of social collaboration tools is common today.  With a project team, it sounds like a great way of enabling collaboration and involvement of team members.  Gone is the delivery of information in tombs of documents that people just don’t read.  Team members are usually busy focusing on delivery to read a lot of the information shared with them.

What if you delivered information in a more socially interactive way, for example, in smaller pieces?

Consider the value of providing project updates to the team in short snippets fed via a social media desktop too. Updates delivered this way may be seen, read, and interacted with right there and then. Providing the project updates this way is similar to how people interact with social media these days.

An example of how this works

An example I have seen of this involved using an online chat program during the SIT (System Integration Testing) of an application upgrade.  The testing team, business reps and developers all watched updates coming through via the chat program.   The information detailed how things were tracking with the testing.  When one task completed, the next person knew they could start. If they were waiting for that job to finish before completing their work, they could begin understanding the expected timing.  It helped all those involved to know when the previous work loaded, and ask questions about any issues that arose.

Using this communication method meant that the team were all informed about what was occurring, in more real time.  Where the team members were located didn’t matter.  Information was delivered in small pieces so that it was digestible while they were still working, and it had the whole team feeling engaged and participating.

Give information bytes a try

If you work in an organisation that has these social sharing tools available, how might you use the tools in the day to day context of your project to collaborate and engage with your team members more?  How might you deliver bytes of information so as not to ‘overload’ your busy team members?


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