The value of weekly status reporting on projects

Good weekly project status reporting isn’t easy to do.  The value of weekly status reporting on projects is that it allows problems to be captured as soon as they start to manifest, rather than finding them weeks or even months into project delivery.

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The value of using an Issues Register on a project

It would be crazy to say that a project can run without any issues being identified.  It is just not possible!

Issues come in many forms and can be items that require a small amount of attention to fix, or erupt from when they are first identified into much larger problems and even create a risk for your project.  For this reason alone it is very important that an Issue or Issues Register is set up and used.

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The PCB is the decision making body on a project

If a Project Control Board (PCB) is set up with the right people on it, and by this I mean, those with the level of decision making authority to be able to make decisions at a level to directly influence a project, then the project will be in the best state for it to deliver successfully.

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Change management is a project responsibility

Change management is a project responsibility because every project involves some form of change.  I haven’t yet found a project that doesn’t.

Most projects are done to address something, be it a system or process, that isn’t working and needs to be changed. Projects either (a) look at the change from the system or process perspective and forget about the people aspect of it, or (b) they forget about the change aspect altogether and think that by making the change to the system or process and dropping it back into the business that it will work fine.

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The value of impromptu chats with your Project Board members

There is real value in having impromptu chats with your Project Board members and this post explores why. Consider your Project Control Board (PCB) members as valuable to your project success.  If you do that and engage with them in the best way you will gain strong support and be more likely to success with your delivery.

In today’s work space it seems that everyone is busy.  There always seems to be more to do and not enough time to do it in.  People will book meetings, usually for the standard hour, even though at times a much more productive meeting could be held in 15 minutes. This means that you can sometimes not be able to catch up with the key decision makers on your project when you need to.

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capture business requirements

How to capture business requirements

To capture good business requirements is not easy.
One of the hardest things to do well is capture business requirements.  Why?  Because most people go into solution mode and provide solution requirements, not requirements that articulate the business process.

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