How to get rid of data issues on your project

If  you are like me you will have been involved in a large number of projects where data is involved and most times there have been issues on the project.  In most IT projects the reason for the project is a better way to manage customer data is needed.

In this article ‘22 tips for better data science‘ I found that I connected with some of the tips more than others.  Here are the ones that jumped out to me:

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How to lead not manage

There are some interesting concepts in a recent presentation that I found and would like to speak to on how to lead not manage.

It specifically talks about the behaviours of a Manager and Leader.

How to re establish trust the right way

Do you have any idea how to re-establish trust the right way?  Trust is something that you feel in a way that it’s hard to describe.  You know it exists, or you don’t.

You trust one person in your team and not trust a number of others.  This impacts on your ability, as the Project Manager, to get things done, and it costs your project both time and money.

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Resources to help you be a better Project Manager

For this post I  bring you useful resources that I have found today.  Each article has great insights that may help you be a better Project Manager.  They may help you answer some questions or fill a knowledge gap that you have. They are an interesting mix of articles.  I have chosen them because each one provides some useful information that I would like to have had in my early days as a PM.

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SAP project pointers

In a recent article by Speller International titled “When good SAP projects fail” they spoke about a number of things that make the project fail. These project pointers are relevant to not only SAP projects.

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Project team roles and responsibilities

A project team is like a mini organisation where understanding of roles and responsibilities is important
If you look at a project as a mini organisation and consider that it is very important that the people working in your ‘mini organisation’ fully understand their roles and responsibilities, just as is the case in any organisation or business, then this might help alleviate some issues that you may have with teamwork and delivery output.

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Meaning of BAU

Caught in the BAU versus project trap

When is a project not a project, when it’s a Business As Usual activity.

I was involved in a very interesting situation in the past month whilst working as the Project Manager and Change Manager on an initiative which I would call BAU.  It felt like being caught in the BAU versus project trap, an age old argument that occurs in most organisations.

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Good ROI doesn’t mean project success

I work near some really switched on project finance team members who know their stuff.  In the last couple of days we’ve been having a great on-going discussion about ROI (Return On Investment). Of course it has gone hand in hand with discussions around benefits realisation, but that content is for another blog post. What we’ve decided is that good ROI doesn’t mean project success.

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EDRMS implementation or courting relationship?

Who ever said an EDRMS implementation needs to be a difficult task?

Elise Stephens from Fix My Project Chaos and I caught up to talk about ‘How to fall in love with your EDRMS implementation’, or in other words the key tips for a successful EDRMS implementation. We had fun discussing the similarities between EDRMS implementations and relationships.

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4 reasons for team meetings

Why would you hold a team meeting?  What reasons would you have to schedule a team meeting?  Too often I see team meetings held for the sake of holding a meeting when there are more simpler and efficient ways that collaboration and information sharing could occur. Here are 4 reasons for team meetings that I see are valid.

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Collaboration is equality of power

“Collaboration is about all parties knowing what needs to be done. It’s about equality of understanding and power and knowledge.” – MC Munro

What an interesting statement this is. It got me thinking about its meaning.

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no business case

What, No Business Case?

Have you been in the situation of being bought in as the Project Manager (PM) on a project that has already started. When you start in your role you find that there’s no business case for the project, what do you do?  It is fine to ask why there is no business case.

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edrms business case

Key tips for building an EDRMS business case

There are some great reference sources out there which contain useful information on EDRMS Business Case building. Here are my EDRMS business case key tips.

My previous blog posts on business case writing generally have covered some of these areas. The key is to understand those things that are more important and relevant for your EDRMS/ECMs implementation.

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Change management is of no value

Change management is of no value – is that true? I know as a PM that you see change managers as a burden on your project.  I know that you see that they are additional cost and resourcing that you don’t really need on your project. You don’t really get what this ‘change management’ is really about which is why you don’t see the value in it.

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