Manage Multiple Tasks the Smarter Way

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How’s your ability to manage multiple tasks? Here’s an infographic that might support you to manage your time differently when you wear multiple hats. You know the hats I’m talking about – father, partner, boyfriend, son, mate, team player, sports enthusiast.  Each of these ‘roles’ or ‘hats’ has expectations and time requirements attached to them. … Read moreManage Multiple Tasks the Smarter Way

25 Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

managing virtual teams

Do you struggle with managing virtual teams? This team or teams may also just be remote. It is often not easy due to time differences language barriers cultural differences The team at Time Doctor have put together this list of 25 tips that might assist you. I especially love the tips relating to ‘Communication.’  You … Read more25 Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

How Clear is Your Communication?

Have you stopped to consider how clear your communication is? You may not even realise that your communication is not clear. Here are four ways things that you may be doing which are impacting on your message. Change them and you will be clearer. Being clearer leads to less conflict, less stress, and more productivity.