Writing a winning business case podcast

Writing a winning business case is easy, when you know how.  If you understand the key things that need to be included and how to go about gathering the information, your job is easier.

Here is a podcast that I recorded that might provide you with some useful guidance.

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Do PMs need negotiation skills?

Do you think Project Managers (PMs) need negotiation skills?

I do.  I have seen a lot of occasions where they would have come in handy.  Times when the PM is getting push back from streams  or stream leads about delivery items.  In this instance it would be valuable for the PM to have some more formal negotiation skills under his/her belt.

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Benefits tracking – why bother?

Following a discussion I had last night about the issues surrounding benefits tracking for the business AFTER a project has been implemented, or more to the point, the difficulties in doing this, I got to thinking about this whole dilemma.  Here are my thoughts:

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Agile vs Waterfall when to use

There is debate from both camps of the project delivery method space – Agile vs waterfall when to use.

In my earlier post ‘Agile vs Waterfall methods‘ I described my understanding of both the Agile and Waterfall methods and which one I preferred.

I’ve had an email from ‘Adam’ who works in mining with some great comments that I would like to discuss.

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