Why communicate change?

This week I have seen the real value of communicating. By explaining to the team “Why communicate change?” they have come on board fully for the project.

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Handover to BAU – what does that mean?

Do you know what it means to handover to BAU?  BAU equals ‘Business As Usual’ by the way.

I find that IT teams usually don’t, because they are to caught up in the doing associated with the project.  They have been so focused on delivery of all of the pieces for the system change, that they don’t think about what it means to handover or transition to BAU.

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Importance of upskilling staff providing support

The importance of upskilling staff providing support to the business cannot be under estimated.

It is all too easy to assume that the staff providing support for a product or system have all of the knowledge or expertise that they need to be able to do that. Often they don’t.

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