4 hidden costs of poor project planning

There are some basic things that people will see when they consider the cost of poor project planning.  I would like to suggest that there are more ‘hidden’ costs that aren’t always visible.  In this post I will talk about four hidden costs of poor project planning and once identified you might be able to stop them from occurring with better planning.

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Identify and manage issues on your project

The ability to identify and manage issues on a project is a key task for any project manager.

When I’m managing a project I like to think of issues as tasks or items that need to be analysed, resolved, or discussed in order to have decisions made about them. They are those things that come up during the life of your project, that stop it from running smoothly.

Project Managers often overlook issues, and that is when they find down the track, that their project has gone pear shaped and is way off track.

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Why a business case gets turned down

Today I want to look at some of the reasons why a business case gets turned down. Here are the top 5 reasons that I have seen over my time recently, reviewing business cases.  What can you learn from this when you next need to write a business case?

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Trust among team members is important

Why would trust among team members be important in a project team even more so than in any normal circumstance?  Or perhaps I should say, why it is needed even more so than ever? Because in a project team each and every individual contributing to the outcome of the project is reliant on each and every other person for something to ensure successful delivery.  It is therefore very important that there is a strong level of trust among the team.

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